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“Removing the possibility of living off combined savings in the future places a greater importance on what you are doing with your retirement today,” suggests Mc Dermott.“Look at tweaking your budget so you can make greater contributions, compare IRAs to ensure you’re getting the best deal and if you haven’t even started saving, make it a priority.” With a proliferation of dating apps and websites, it’s fair to say the dating game has likely gone through lots of changes since the last time you were single.This may have something to do with the intimate nature of a physical relationship, or the types of chemicals released when you’re falling for someone. Point is, don’t screech, “Why have you never told me this?!

Consider this: according to the women are saving far less for retirement.

Female baby boomers have saved on average 9,000 compared to 1,000 for men.

This obviously includes sex stuff, but you may also find out more about their family, or their desires, or the way they see the world.

We naturally share certain things with partners that we don’t always share with friends.

Start with a fresh coat of paint, suggests Marty Basher, with Modular Closets.

Give your bedroom a makeover by painting the room in your favorite color, Basher suggests. Get excited about the extra space in your bedroom closet.” He suggests adding some shelves and other storage features so the closet’s layout is designed for you and your things, not for two people.

It’s best to do this before you start dating again, says Christine B. “You need to discover why your prior marriage failed—your contribution and your spouse’s,” she says.

You also need to uncover what you learned as a child about how relationships are suppose to work, as well as discover what types of people you are attracted to romantically and why, Adams says.

If you were just friends, and now you're dating, here are a few things to keep in mind while you undergo the transition, because there’s nothing better than a friend — unless it’s a friend you can kiss.

You're on totally new ground, and you can't expect your former friend to be the same exact way now that you're dating. If they flopped on your couch and talked about their weird Tinder dates in the past, that obviously won’t be happening any more. If you were in a groove with your friend, you will likely have to adjust your groove.

Social media makes it unnaturally easy to follow your ex’s every move, points out Jonathan Bennett, an author and dating and relationship coach who runs the website The Popular Man.