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They constantly asked about our “status” and felt abandoned if I wanted my own life.

They are the sideline shy guys, hoping you’ll buy THEM a drink.

If you want to shoot down a chaser, stay at the bar.

I, for one, am not afraid of buying the first drink.

For Amazon sellers, the days are long, but the years are short.

But if you want something that lasts longer, exert a little effort and get to know the quiet guys in the back.“I don’t want to be alone,” said Charles, a seasoned executive who had been single for two years post divorce.

He loathed every day of loneliness and spent his spare time exhausting Tinder, hoping the next swipe would be “the one.”He went on each new outing not as a chance to get to know someone new, but with a desperate hope to land a girlfriend in two hours. Maybe it was his eager invitations to bring her to the family reunion.

But these things are not obvious on the one-date-wonders swiped from Tinder and Bumble.

You actually have to with someone to let these qualities come to the surface.

” I asked, thinking her company forbade inter-office canoodling.“He’s not THE PACKAGE! I don’t want to waste time dating Dan if he’s not the package…”The things people think are important on paper (height, income, or in my case, ability to ski black diamonds) have nothing to do with someone’s ability to be a good partner.

He’s sweet and funny but he has nothing on my list! If you have to make a list it should include things like arguing well, making you feel special, spiritual growth, etc.

Nine months ago I wrote a post that went more viral than a Trump Tweet. I just have observations from ten years of being madly in, totally shut out of, watching, thinking and writing about love. The illusion of choice presented by dating apps makes us think that if we hold out long enough, we may finally meet that ‘perfect one’ that has everything we desire.