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Being more feminine and more family oriented are positive qualities that are often mentioned about us, Ukrainian ladies.Though these positive features may exist, there are negative qualities that the average Ukrainian women possess that could cause problems in a marriage.Guys, you should be aware of the extremeness that these women possess.

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In conclusion, I would say that being feminine or family oriented are great qualities for a wife to have but, there is more qualities that should be considered.The average Ukrainian bride possesses qualities that could break a marriage such as a higher anger quotient, extreme behavior, and an innate sense of self-worth.Though this is a quality that can be praised at times, it can all so be perceived as disrespectful.Instead of asking, a Russian woman may just say “give me that” or “give me this”. This tension can lead to rifts within the family, all because of the straightforward and direct behavior of one’s Ukrainian / Russian wife.Women from Ukraine and Russia are instilled with their own cultural etiquette.

For example, the average woman in Ukraine can be seen as straight forward and direct.

I have to mention that having a wife that gets angry quicker than the average Western woman can lead to a more stressful marriage.

More arguments can occur easily raising the tension within the household. presented by the Ukrainian / Russian wife can cause the child to have emotional challenges.

Self-worth is a characteristic that is often praised. In a marriage, this can cause women to be less compromising.

As you know, self-worth can cause a person to be very prideful.

A woman that does not have these particular manners can be viewed as a disrespectful person.