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2 Jensen 12” C-12-PS speakers, volume and tone controls for both channels, 3 inputs per channel (one treble and two regular), reverb intensity, tremolo speed and intensity controls.

1953 National Tweed There’s no model # on the amp, and it’s a very rare and progressive amp for it’s time.I’m sure it was the top of the line Valco made in 1953.Very good tone and reverb – just a fine all around amplifier Supro 1600R Supreme Made in the early 60’s, this amp has 1-10” Jensen C-10-R, 2-12AX7’ s, 2-6973’s and a 5Y3.Volume, tone controls, two regular and one treble input.For an amp made in 1966, it ushered in the late 60’s psychedelic era a bit ahead of it’s time, and in my opinion was about the pinnacle of Valco’s circuit evolution as well.

For someone considering acquiring a Valco amp (or amps), what are the most important factors to consider – ranked by their importance?

Just a huge tweed amp with 2-12” P-12-P’s, 2-6SJ7 pre-amp tubes, 2-6SN7’s, 2-6L6’s and a 5V4 rectifier and 6SL7 tube used for the treble and bass circuits.. The active tone circuits in the National dedicate a triode from each half of the 6SL7 to amplify the treble and bass frequencies rather than employ a passive cut circuit commonly found in most all guitar amps.

The control panel is a cool light-up etched Plexiglas and the chrome handle is very large.

There were many versions of the Supreme amp thru the years, starting with the 6J7 preamp tube model with a 10” field coil Rola and single volume control, thru the 50’s going with the 6SQ7 preamp tube and 3 inputs volume and tone control, then a transitional amp in the mid-50’s featuring a combination of 9-pin miniature and octal pre-amp tubes, then the 1600, 1600B, 1600R, 1600S and the 6400.

Starting with the 1600 series, the Supreme went from the 6V6 to 6973 output tubes and this version is a surprisingly loud little tone monster with the signature 6973 output tube crunch.

(Cosmetic condition, originality of various components, speaker, modifications, etc.) Originality of the circuit is important, especially on the later model Valco’s from the late 50’s thru the 60’s.