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We have a great life together and many beautiful moments that all started on this website! If you don't take that chance you may never have your fairy tale life with that one that takes your breath away! They love me more then they dislike gayness or w.e you wanna call it. * 100% WOMEN ONLY* 100% Anonymous, Private, Safe & Comfortable* 20,000 Daily Active Members We provide the easiest and safest way for lesbian singles to find true love and companionship. It was jus one of those issues that was like ehhhh , ok to me. my mother was her boss and they couldnt stand each other.On our site, you’ll have the ability to find Lesbian, and Bi women singles both locally and worldwide whose interests, goals, and desires match yours, allowing you to make new friends, create a long term relationship, or just date quality women casually.

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I never really wanted a woman that badly, I didn't even think about it tbh.

Finding a date online should not be a hassle; it should be a fun and enjoyable experience.

experience required ;) I like log walks on the beach and to talk about deep issues late in to the night.

3 yrs ago it started with exchanging winks, emails, phones dates, a yr later I moved to Texas to be with the Butch of my dreams. we never take each other for granted and enjoy spending everyday together! although i do believe my parents moght be h Omophobes but Idrc. anywho One night I had a dream she was making love to me. The next morning at wrk I told her I had a dream about her and that was Read More - the first, largest, most trusted and absolutely secure online lesbian dating site for lesbian, and bisexual women in the world.I’m definitely not a normal person, but a wise man once said, all of them best people are mad, and it certainly means there can be a lot of hilarity at times! Love movies drinking and going out with mates I could sleep all day and still be tired aha Im bubbly and always up for a great time!Also, I’m a passionate animal lover and believe whole-heartedly that kindness should be paid forward; so, there’s a little about me... 🐎💫 Up for a good laugh , want to get to know some new people and see where it goes..✨ Don't have clue what I'm doing first time doing something like this. Its my first time so show me some love ;) xxx Whimsical,offbeat sense of humor and tend to be interested in 'strange and unusual things' and are amused by small, everyday observations.I love spontaneity and adventures, but then can really get down with a good movie and many blankets!Whether it's a night out on the town listening to music and exploring bars, or a long lazy walk through the woods, I'm there.Register a free account today and try it out for yourself!