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Bouchard had been celebrating as the Atlanta Falcons took what looked to be an unassailable 21-0 lead late in the second quarter of the Super Bowl."Sure," Bouchard replied. READ MORE: * Patriots win in historic fashion * Recap: Super Bowl 51 * Brady already the best ever?

The Falcons led 21-3 at halftime and in 105 NFL playoff games where a team trailed by 18 points or more at the break, none have come back to win. With quarterback Tom Brady picking apart the tiring Falcons defence, they put on 19 unanswered fourth-quarter points to lock the game up.

But those long hours of hard work pay off the minute that they get that all-important acceptance letter...

Is this another potential match made via Twitter, or just a funny back and forth wager?Either way, we all learned something that night as Bouchard alluded to post game: “Never bet against Tom Brady.” Source: Complex With all the application requirements, scholarship paperwork, and a healthy dose of senioritis, applying to college can be tough for many teens.So that prompted TW1, a Twitter identity sporting a photo of a man in a Cleveland Cavaliers NBA jersey, to tweet Bouchard with a longshot bid of his own. Lol.” “Umm…kinda…,” she replied, adding later, “So…where do you live?” When the Patriots won the game, and their fifth title with Brady as quarterback, Bouchard could only manage letters: “Omfg.” READ: NFL: Patriots beat Falcons in overtime to win Super Bowl On Monday, she tweeted a photo with the message: “Omg…In today’s fast paced world of likes, live streams, and retweets, staying connected to your favorite celebs and athletes isn’t hard.

In fact, sometimes we feel like we know these people as a result of the constant access they give us to their lives.

The 22-year-old Montreal-born blonde learned the hard way Sunday never to bet against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, who rallied from a 25-point deficit to defeat Atlanta 34-28 in overtime to claim the NFL crown.

With the Falcons comfortably ahead 21-0 after running back an intercepted Brady pass for a touchdown, Bouchard was confident enough in Atlanta to start sending Twitter messages predicting victory. “Sure,” Bouchard replied, although she shot down a second such suitor with merely “C’mon…” As the Patriots made their successful second-half comeback, Bouchard was asked by another tweeter: “are you getting nervous?!?

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When you're done staring and Google image searching, make America proud and vote: Who should be the next arm candy for our favorite NFL quarterback?

And a nervous Bouchard was starting to see the writing on the wall.