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It's powerful, mossy and earthy, with gentle florals peeking out. Unparalleled performance and a bracing herbal sillage, AE is an exquisite and timeless chypre concoction worthy of experiencing at least once. Starts off very strong and almost headache inducing. I got a hail-mary job at a plumbing supplies warehouse and my oh my the woman in admim smelled divine! So off I go to Macy’s to give this a test spin and it’s nowhere to be found, Only 4 bottles of Happy and it’s Happy little sisters to test. She said they are seasonal and that’s all we have right now.The aldehydes in this one are potent initially, but I don't mind that-reminds me of elegant ladies in sitting rooms or of cozy grandma hugs LOL It takes awhile for that intensity to wear down but once it does, it's a very pleasant, powdery scent. Who is that greeting people at the local citizenship awards? I ask the SA at the Clinique counter where’s the rest of the testers? Then I asked the “secret” question...Aromatics Elixer?

I also bought the Milton Lloyd dupe Grasse Experience, which has a horrible opening (not very aroma-therapeutic) and then dries down most similar to the eau de toilette.Both de EDT and the dupe have an unpleasant underlying note, while the perfume/parfum spray stays bright, golden and dries down to that beautiful herbal and powdery soapiness that lasts for days on your clothes.I guess I can wear this whenever I want to recall the peaceful feeling of that hike :) this is truly an outdoorsy scent, it just smells like nature.Wet soil, thriving green plants, blooming flowers, misty air. As a side note I don't really understand all the drama about this fragrance!It definitely isn't a sweet, crowd-pleasing fruitchouli but it isn't horrible either..

I can't imagine someone would be offended by this unless they're offended by how anything green must smell. AE is sour (champaign) and bitter (rather than smokey), herbal, loaded with chamomile, chrysanthemum, patchouli and old times in the countryside.Many have said it better than I ever could: it smells of, well, an elixir from the forest. I walked 200 paces to smell the air in her office when I had had enough of boxing up fittings and fixtures. I had a mini spray of this back in the late 80’s and thought this was the most foulest thing to grace this planet.Perhaps one prepared by dryads who live in gnarled old oaks? When you get the urge to wear it, nothing else will do. Otherworldly and captivating, Aromatics Elixir smells of damp forest soil, earthy patchouli, infestant mosses caressing oak branches, exhilarating herbs, geraniums dripping with morning dew and a fusion of aldehydes and incense coalescing to exude an aroma that is luminous and invigorating, yet impure and fetid. 30 years later I have a burr up my butt to try this again.I've tried it on tester strips, on my scarf, and on my wrists and elbows. After about ten minutes I sniffed my hand and thought “actually that’s not so bad.I don’t love it, but it’s tolerable.” And twenty minutes after that I was back at the Clinique counter buying a small bottle.It struck me, at the beginning, with a strong barnyard smell (crazy, I know) plus powdery flowers, not much incense but with a smokey aura. THis perfume, D&G red cap, Chanel no.5, and lanvin arpege, go under the « love/ hate” relationship, you either love them or hate them, elegant, mature, and nothing sweet. This is one of those scents that had some popularity before my time that I have to resist the urge to describe as "hairspray" lol.