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He seemed to be more receptive to your humour, there was more of a back-and-forth compared to some of your other dates. I like that about the show, I’m not expecting anything from my dates, I don’t need a ground-breaking interview where they say something really insightful; I can interview 67 and they can just murmur something and it will still be funny.

It kind of works with all dynamics, the only one I don’t think it worked with was Logan Sama.

I’d go for meetings with big places and they’d say, “Hey, this is really cool”, but nothing would happen because they didn’t really know what to do with it.

Because, whatever was happening was funny, just this little blonde girl in a chicken shop, with, like, Stylo G.It was just a weird situation and super awkward and it was just like how the show’s filmed now, but I was so nervous filming it.So as soon as they were like, “What do you want to do at the magazine?”, I said that I wanted to interview grime MCs, musicians, all the people everyone was talking about so that I could get to know them myself.I started Chicken Shop Date when I was back in college.

I remember getting an email from one of my tutors about this youth club called The Cut that was making a magazine as part of its programme.I started going to this youth club and it was amazing.It was great to meet all these different people who were interested in mainly music, and fashion, but the music side of it was really what caught my attention as they were all listening to grime.I did the first one with a friend of mine called Its Nate and we went to a chicken shop in Dalston which has now disappeared.But it was literally so small there were only two seats in the restaurant.It’s a whole other level of putting yourself out there isn’t it. It’s a whole other level and I wanted to do it well and I didn’t know who would film it, we didn’t have any budget or know how I was going to do it.