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It has told me to blow, and then no beep buzzing or anything. I thought it was the first car I had it in, and it was a standard car, I almost ran an old couple over trying to pull over to blow... The unit displays your appointment date as a reminder. How can it pass you two mins later fail you 2 mins later pass you. no matter what, how or why your device malfunctioned.

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Next day, I just happen to check the balance on the prepaid card since they told me it was declined and wouldn't you know, it's missing . The instant I start blowing as directed it immediately alarms and says blow longer. Thank God I wasn't out of town since I do travel a lot. Whenever the installer sees fit to respond to my multiple texts... The company doesn't care about speedy service and getting to the bottom of sensitive issues when they say they will call you back they don't, they don't put pertinent information in your file so that when you speak to a different person it's all there in black and white. they make hand over fist for doing absolutely nothing, the customer service representatives hate you and themselves and it shows.

I call Smart Start and tell them and immediately I'm treated like a convict (which I'm not aside from DUI). With paying 50.00 extra $ when a violation isn't even your fault. So far, not at all happy with the device or service. The people at my local 76 station, however, are merely the vendors they have to install and remove the devices and maintain the compliance, as the company is based on the East Coast.

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To make a long story short I paid an extra 0 for violations that happened at random and never even got any reason why they happened along with the fact they were never reported to the state. Yes I'm guilty never argued it also never hit or killed anyone or anything. drug threw the courts for a year then applying for a blow box that is mandatory. They said even though you don't drink the machine can violate you and lock you out. They are complete arrogants when you ask them a question. Don't use Smart Start or their installers for any type work or business matters. The installer Camper City told me that cares for this there he can't call them. Is all up to you and a form on the Smart Start website to fill out to get your money back. They will not help you out or reimburse you in any way, no matter was the situation. You know when you can tell when I company really cares about its customers? I'll give it to them, they've somehow made a company that is nothing more than a legal scam.

Wait another month for them to decide if I can have something that is mandatory. Get treated like dirt through registry, my insurance company that I'm going to cancel then court **. it's only been 3 days so far now I need to pay for a new battery clamp they broke and I'm not allowed to disconnect power or pay more. So if you need work done on your vehicle you get to pay a mechanic to sit on hold all day? Had enough of your scams stupid Canadian government. Remember if you're part of a scam company as Camper City in Horn Lake MS. I say this about Camper City because they know that Smart Start rips people off but they do their dirty work installing and taking your money. Getting the device off of your car will be near impossible.They tell me that I need to provide them with a bank statement. Then they make one up the n.m so you don't get reimbursed. dates if it's in the days of that month you should be able to do it when you have many. I have multiple video of me blowing normal and it constantly saying abort pump, tampered device, violation lockout... Most people won't take the time to review a good experience, A lot of the negative reviews seem to be from individuals directing anger over their situation towards this company. So if you have a VIOL or a lockout, they don't care about why, or if there is a question or an issue you have to call and talk to the miserable desk people who literally must just get yelled at and put people on hold all day long.I tell them I don't have a statement because it's a brand new prepaid card. I have to pawn something in the middle of the month just to pay and cost 50$ more. I have had the device for one month and now need the 3rd service done on it too in which the device is at fault for malfunctioning. I was given some flexibility in scheduling appointments for calibration. All the vendor does is ask you for , they reset your device and send you on your way...The 1/3 was because I forgot about the mouthwash I had used. I am so frustrated and I cannot get any of my necessary livelihood things done because the device isn’t working properly EVER. This device allows you drive, satisfy the court/state and ensures you don't continue to drink and drive. With any interlock, it is important to have a good battery, good alternator and good battery connections. I work with solvents that contain alcohol and having it on my hands and clothes never caused a positive, food and non-alcoholic drink never caused a positive (though they tell you to drink water before use). Rather, customers paying a lot of money to be treated like garbage for 4 months while being compliant. Also you're charged at time to take out another 69.00 to take the damn junk out. The device wouldn't work and then need tow to Camper City. Anyway good people stay away from Smart Start company and any company that installs Smart Start devices for these rip offs. I have had nothing but nightmares the past 18 months dealing with this company.I have paid 300$ already the first month having it, installed reinstalled, lockouts. I had to have this in my car for 6 months on first DUI. I got my DUI on 3/20/2015, now over 3 years later I finally am done with all the DUI stuff. This company was great to deal with and the product worked flawlessly. I only blew positive once and that's because I drank heavily the night before and still had the equivalent of 1.5 drinks in my system. I've had all kinds of stupid problems with this piece of cheap company and device. I have had to have my car towed at my own expense because of a faulty head. The cold weather does something to this machine, yet they still take your money for their faulty equipment. We have received your incident report and reviewed your account regarding your Violation Lockout on . "Put a interlock" system in "Every" car, truck and motorcycle. If there are any issues it's coming out to have Life Safer install one of their devices. She wants the authorization complete by next Friday or in the works.