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Some published research has been undertaken about the identification and assessment of new evidence (encompassed sometimes as review, surveillance or monitoring process), even though there is still important areas of uncertainty.

Less attention has been paid to the review, modification and presentation of the recommendations.

The delay on a particular line is measured at the nodes attached to that line, and disseminated to the rest of the network in the form of a “routing update”.

The research reported in Section III, B, 2 was supported by a grant from the Research Committee of the University of California, Los Angeles.Clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) have become increasingly popular, and the methodology to develop guidelines has evolved enormously.This is probably due, among other reasons, to the likely assumption that it is similar to the development process.Clearly, more work is required to identify a strategy or suite of strategies that find the “sweet” spot between rigour and feasibility.If the need for the electronic use of an ID-card should arise in the future (i.e.

for using e-services and providing digital signatures), then a new ID-card must be applied for from the Police and Border Guard Board and the state fee must be paid.The requirements which any such protocol must meet in order to be satisfactory are presented and discussed.The protocol is then developed so as to meet these requirements.Clinical guidelines (CGs) become outdated as new evidence is published and require a periodic reassessment to remain valid.The principles of updating CGs can be a complex, potentially resource intensive, and include three main steps: 1) identifying new evidence; 2) assessing if the new evidence has a potential impact on the current guideline; and 3) reviewing and modifying the guideline.Updating, even though well-established, may fail or break down at some later point under certain circumstances.