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Stop torturing parishioners with piecemeal closings: Pick one church and one school in ...17) There's no point in dancing around it any longer, so we might as well quick.

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Still, DC deserves credit for being the first to make such a character popular with the introduction of Catwoman in #1 in 1940.

By the time Marvel introduced their own leather-wearing feline, Black Cat, in 1979, Catwoman had already become a well-known figure.

Captain Boomerang is an Australian villain whose main weapons are boomerangs that have been altered to include bombs, blades, and other such sources of destruction. Boomerang, meanwhile, is also an Australian villain who uses the same type of boomerangs for the same purposes and whose main rival is Spider-Man.

We will give Marvel credit for at least giving their design a superior uniform.

be forced, bow to fate, cross the Rubicon, face the music, have no choice, know no alternative, leap into the breach, pay the piper, stand up and take it, suck it up, swallow the pill, take it, take one's medicine, take the rap Friend 1: I have been agonizing for weeks over how to tell my girlfriend that our relationship is over. That way you can both experience one shot of pain and then move on.

She is a really nice person and I don't want to hurt her. 1) Everyone hates change but sometimes ripping off the Band-Aid is the best way forward. described as "ripping off the Band-Aid", the business cut 520 jobs, and closed its offices in New York. stuff that surfaced after being suppressed for over two decades, and ripping off the Band-Aid has forced me to work through them.As if those similarities between the two are not enough, both heroes have also had relationships with female superheroes named after birds – Hawkeye with Mockingbird and Green Arrow with Black Canary – who also happen to be blonde.DC had Oliver Queen slinging his Green Arrow long before Clint Barton and his Hawkeye, as the former made his first appearance in 1941, 23 years before the latter came along.When it comes to creating comic book characters, there's a finite number of ideas out there.There are only so many different abilities, superpowers, costumes, and personas you can give your characters while still maintaining originality.By now, it's clear – he wants to swiftly rip off the Band-Aid and just move on already.