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Mykolaiv is located in Southern Ukraine, by the Black Sea.Apart from being the most important shipbuilding city on the Black Sea, it is also a huge transportation hub.

The terrace is very romantic and the food – surprisingly impressive (well, maybe it’s just me but I don’t always expect good food from popular places).If you have already been to Ukraine, you might have noticed that there isn’t a single city without decent nightlife. It is a university city, so you would do best to visit during the school year (mid-September to early June). It was constructed right in the middle of the Southern Buh river and it’s quite possible the most impressive floating fountain you can see in Europe (and the world).Other than the clubs, and I promise I will give some suggestions in the next paragraph, a fun sight would be the multimedia fountain. Make sure to check it out on your post-dinner stroll with your date.As for clubs and nightlife, you have to check out the Feride Plaza complex’s nightclub.I would not send you looking for a girl in a war zone, though, don’t worry!

The conflict is all but resolved at this point besides Dnipro is not even that close to the Donetsk Oblast.It is the furthest away from a tourist destination that you can imagine.Your visit to Dnipro will be all about mingling with locals, which is a great way to meet beautiful Ukrainian women.In today’s article, we are introducing you to five more amazing cities to meet beautiful Ukrainian women.Whether you fit them as day trips for the next time you visit Kiev or make a full off-the-grid itinerary is up to you. Over a million people live in Dnipro, yet it is surprisingly little-known. During Soviet times, it grew in significance as the military established some weapon factories.There haven’t been any issues or large protest and as of 2017, the city is as safe as any other.