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The centrifugal force meant that he couldn’t keep his grasp and he fell several meters down to the ring.Ray Navas was taken to a hospital and extensively examined. After a couple of weeks he was back in the performance. Laura Berdino came as a gypsy princess into the ring with beautiful Frisian stallions in liberty dressage.

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During the school’s winter break CIRCUS KRONE performed in Aarhus.

BENNY SCHUMANN produced performances for Elsinore City Centre.

You also met the brothers Rudy and Ray Navas in their rotating wheel of death where they move inside and outside of the wheel.

Finally one of the brothers did seven forward somersaults in row at the outside of the wheel.

In almost dreamlike sequences, he changes between dynamic, powerful movements and static, slow postures.

Almost completely celestial it is when he gets up from splits to a standing position without using his hands. On 27 July Cai Yong was injured during a performance in Greve in that part of the act where he does rotations balancing on his head.We met Sharon Berousek with a juggling act, and there was a teeterboard act done by the Puyang Troupe, where the catcher used a trinka.It was a combination act where springboard is combined with Risley acrobatics.And they do leapfrog at the wire where first one, later two artists sit while the jump is performed over them.Finally all four goes down an ascent wire at 45 degree angle.The Summarum-performances are not circus, but children's theatre that takes place in a circus environment.