dating mindi wb Unity updating editor preferences from script

When enabled Pro Builder will restrict drag selection of elements to the current selection.If disabled drag selecting in a scene will test every Pro Builder object, which may be slow in larger scenes.

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Controls where the Element Mode Toolbar is shown in the Scene View.

If Unique Mode Shorcuts is enabled Pro Builder assigns the .

Hide or show the bounding lines in the Dimensions Overlay.

This controls how close to an element the cursor must be to register for selection.

Pro Builder contains many settings that can be customized to suit your needs.

If enabled Pro Builder will automatically remove the extra data Pro Builder stores in a scene.Pro Builder allows users to set the colors for element selections.Determines how large vertex points are rendered in the scene. When instantiating new shapes Pro Builder will guarantee that the pivot point of the object coincides with a vertex position.If you are editing objects with large vertex counts it is beneficial to skip generating the UV2 channel after every geometry edit and do it manually (using the Generate UV2 toolbar item).Show or hide the mesh information overlay in the top left of the Scene View.The type of collider new shapes will be instantiated with.