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Solid wood countertops that can be cut, sanded and treated as required are another choice for the budget-minded homeowner.They come in a variety of wood types and provide a warmth some other materials simply can't.

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The good news is there are some ways to update your kitchen without busting your budget.

If you only have a ,000 budget, you're looking at a kitchen facelift: repainting the walls, replacing hardware and faucets, installing new lighting, changing fabric on window treatments and chairs/stools, plus updating accessories.

“In the summer of 1958, the first recording sessions took place in Ballroom Studio A, and continued almost daily until 1971.

Studio B, which was located in what had been the ballroom’s service kitchen, was used for small-group sessions, voice-over recording, transcription services and other purposes not requiring a large recording room.

After the success of Walter (later Wendy) Carlos’s Moog album, “Switched On Bach” (Columbia), other artists quickly jumped on the Moog bandwagon.

Among them were Dick Hyman and Richard Hayman, who recorded several Moog-centric albums for Command.If you choose wisely, even small changes like these can have a big impact.The average cost of a full kitchen remodel that goes down to the studs can run ,000.By 1960, a center-channel buss had been built, and facilities for echo send and return were present from the get-go.The version pictured in the Pop Sci article (Above: the 1960 Gates Dualux console, a slighter later version than installed at FRI.(Walter Sear did the Moog programming and some of the engineering on those albums, and also recorded his own Moog album for Command, “The Copper Plated Integrated Circuit.” From the early 1960’s until the end of operations, there was a large tape-duplicating operation in the basement.