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Back in your local dataset the altered rows have a rowstate.

A rowstate reflects if it was modified, added, or removed. Delete Command = New Ole Db Command( _ "DELETE FROM modify WHERE Server Name = ?

Download and install Bull Zip Access to My SQL from https:// The data migration may take several minutes depending on the size of your Access database.The installation wizard will place an icon in your Windows Start Menu or on your Desktop. Before you continue you should log in to your My SQL database and ensure that the data has been copied across correctly.When you create your adapter (remember this shuffles data between the local store and the database) you need to provide that connection string again, and that you need to specify the SQL statements to each of the corresponding objects in the adapter. (The adapter has an update, insert, and delete - all use the rowstate to figure out which sql statement to run for each row). Now when you alter the grid's data (edit, add, delete) those changes should be reflected in your dataset tied to the grid.

Remember the dataset is local so it hasn't hit the database at any fashion. You call your adapter for the dataset and if all goes well your changes are in the database. Update Command = New Ole Db Command( _ "UPDATE modify SET Server Name=? Now see - those links above explain this in pretty quick fashion. There are several applications available to transfer your database, but we will use Bull Zip Access to My SQL because it uses an easy Wizard interface, and is available as freeware.The Access to My SQL migration process involves the following steps: If you have not already created a My SQL database, you can do so within your Fasthosts control panel. Data Source = modify End Sub Private Sub Button1_Click(By Val sender As System.