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However, after the box-model change, this is no longer the case.The width defined for an element is the final width; this width does not change when you add padding.For example, if you have any styles that define the width and padding of an element, you will likely need to adjust the width of the element.

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Otherwise, you will see a parser error that the system cannot load Rad Grid. For Public View functionality that has been removed (and any custom sites that reference Public View functionality) the following tool tip description will be provided when a specific sitemap is selected: For a list of all inactivated navigation, see the i For example, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\ASI\i MIS\Net\IMISDBUpgrade\Log Files\Be sure to review your site so that you can discover and address any page errors arising from upgrades to content and content items.Do the following: WCM sites using the 1700 template do not import the Ultra Wave theme files like other Ri SE sites.Depending on how much content (such as images, text etc.) can be migrated across, the cost for a basic website update starts at 0.

Our website design cost includes hosting the website for one year, the design of the homepage and secondary pages, content input, implementing features like forms and social media, responsive design etc.

If you have custom layouts and want to take advantage of the new grid system, follow the steps in this section to update your layouts.

If the layout was hand-coded, you will need to convert the layout by hand.

Impersonation will not be supported and must be removed from any custom master pages.

However, Impersonation can be replaced with On Behalf Of.

For help with creating your own grids, see the i MIS topic about Creating custom layouts and the Bootstrap Grid system documentation.