Updating builder cabinets

We were able to keep the layout of the kitchen the same, but completely change the look and, in fact, add additional storage. First, the previous cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware were removed. But we didn’t like the honey oak builder-grade cabinets, which is why we had the cabinets refaced by a company. Now, let’s go over a little bit of the refacing process.When houses are popping up by the hundreds what gets left behind are the detail.

Upgrade lighting Most builder grade light fixtures are pretty blahh.Changing out the lighting is easy and worth every penny, If you’re on a budget can also be done one room at a time.I should mention that we didn’t update the 80’s cabinets solely with paint and trim.We also replaced the doors to reflect a raised panel style and changed the hinges from the exposed type to the European hinges. I love working on this blog, posting pictures, writing articles and basically fluffing everything up to make it pretty.

What I don’t enjoy is the backend technical stuff and it seems that’s all I’ve been dealing with this week!We had to use a smaller piece in order for it to fit, but can you imagine what an impact crown would have if you have taller ceilings that can handle a larger, more dramatic piece?If I remember correctly, the trim around the bottom of the upper cabinets is actually two different pieces put together to create the right shape and angle.Look at the difference is can make in standard builder grade cabinets.Photo via Glitter and Goat Cheese Add to your island.But I’ve been told the rates vary depending on where you live.