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Available translations in spanish, catalan, hebrew and persian. It allows Visual Studio style intellisense as well as the C# code execution.Added Color list, list all the colors in format hexadecimal, RGB or RGBA from a document, easy for scanning svg files and use the founded colors in css files, the list can be exported to a svg file or a Gimp palette Added button to compress properties to his shorthand form Added button to refresh the changes made to the css file in many browsers CS-Script plugin is a real C# intellisense solution based on CS-Script and ICSharp Code. Doc It is a plugin for Notepad , which aids in documentation. In all it gives eclipse/netbeans/vs like functionality to produce the doc strings, that can be used to generate documentation using a documentation generator like doxygen. Generates Doxygen style comment blocks based on function/method definitions.Other plugins are separate Sourceforge hosted projects, and some are outside the Sourceforge framework.

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While this is an invaluable tool, it has the following features and limitations: The presence of a plugin in the table below only guarantees that it exists and can be downloaded.

As developers are not perfect, plugins aren't either.

So now there could be a conflict between this central place and whatever other folder notepad is in.

The conflict is resolved using a single, empty property file named allow App Data

Using a timer schedule and timestamps in the newly created filenames you will have a history of changed files A small plugin which is formally a front-end to gawk (you can download it with a lof of unix utilities there : Net framework 2.0 or above to be installed on your computer. and of course you need to learn gawk language if you don't already know it.

For more information on usage, see the plugin help.Such status may always change upon accurate user feedback.Plugins By Category attempts to assign each of the existing plugins to a broad domain.Plugins are installed in the \plugins subfolder of the installation directory of Notepad .This may raise UAC-related issues on Windows Vista and up, so they an also install to %APPDATA%\Notepad \plugins.This plugin tracks changes made to documents, and enables navigation between changes, with a distinction being made between saved and unsaved changes. As such aligning the equals allows us to quickly spot the relationship.