Updating codecs for ps3

Convert Xto DVD - Released May 17th 2017 ============================================== - 0013002: [Bug] naming of episodes not correct (felicia) - resolved.

updating codecs for ps3-31

It offers advanced customization options: number of times per page, thumbnails to be added or not, offset, menu item animations, add your own buttons, sounds, etc…Convert Xto DVD - Released February 20th 2017==============================================- 0012633: [Bug] Audio normalization - Disable remux when normalization is requested (felicia) - resolved.- 0012593: [Bug] When both add chapters every X mins and use original chapter points are selected, both are added to video (felicia) - resolved.- 0010952: [Information] navigate using arrows in global settings does not update display in left panel (felicia) - resolved.- 0010949: [Bug] during chapter menu rendering always displays "0 fps" but conversion completes (cedric) - resolved.

Convert Xto DVD - 0012627: [Bug] Audio normalization - Process may not start in some computers (felicia) - resolved.- 0012542: [Bug] show log file if important warning like in case when no more than 99 titlesets can be added (felicia) - resolved.

Convert Xto DVD - ============================================== - 0013048: [Bug] Unable to edit bonus titles typesettings in template editor (felicia) - resolved.

- 0013046: [Bug] Menu title not in sync with project name (felicia) - resolved.

Convert Xto DVD - Released March 22nd 2017============================================== This new major version includes a new menu template editor.

You can now create and save your own menu templates!

Convert Xto DVD - 0012590: [Bug] Exception when closing output tab (felicia) - resolved.- 0012587: [Bug] Display issues in preview when paused or stopped and layers are active (felicia) - resolved.

Convert Xto DVD - 0012569: [Bug] Issue with Smallville DVDs (felicia) - resolved.- 0012574: [Bug] app hangs after a successful conversion/burn - must kill with task manager (felicia) - resolved.

Convert Xto DVD - ==============================================- 0012873: [Bug] hangs If we Open and Close Preview window during conversion (felicia) - resolved.- 0012868: [Feature Request] Add color customization to interface themes (felicia) - resolved.

Convert Xto DVD - 0012859: [Bug] extra chapters are created in blu-ray structure in trial mode (felicia) - resolved.- 0012856: [Bug] 2 pass conversions stop at 50% (felicia) - resolved.- 0012846: [Bug] Particular Blu-Ray not loading (felicia) - resolved.- 0012834: [Bug] Memory leak when opening cluster (felicia) - resolved.- 0012832: [Bug] Template editor: Disable overridden item edition (felicia) - resolved.- 0012741: [Bug] after changing the Title of the Menu page, the change is not saved when saving a project and reopening it (felicia) - resolved.- 0012829: [Bug] fails to turn off computer after conversion if option turned on (felicia) - resolved.- 0012790: [Bug] fr translation missing text (felicia) - resolved.- 0012798: [Bug] Subtitle offset is not working (felicia) - resolved.- 0012827: [Crash] Crash with multiple simultaneous hardware encoding (felicia) - resolved.- 0012807: [Crash] Program crashes if too many simultaneous conversions are requested (felicia) - resolved.- 0012796: [Bug] Program not closing properly when launched through batcher (felicia) - resolved.- 0012789: [Bug] "operation complete" does not play if burning (felicia) - resolved.

- 0013050: [Feature Request] When creating template in case of still image import only screenshot. Convert Xto DVD - ============================================== - 0013034: [Bug] Issue with ts naming when starting with no menu (felicia) - resolved.