Updating drivers licence

Tell the DVA of a change of address and get your driving licence updated at the following link: Note - if you would like your supporting documents returned by secure delivery then include a registered post or pre-paid Royal Mail Special delivery envelope with your application.

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If you receive or have applied for the mobility part of Personal Independence Payment (PIP), you can drive a car from 16.You need to renew your photocard driving licence every 10 years.There are many issues you may experience relating to your driving licence, such as a change in name or address, the need to renew or surrender your licence or you may even need to replace your licence after it is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.Here you will find information about your driving licence or other types of licences you may be interested in obtaining as well as common issues that you may experience as a holder of a UK driving licence.This is so they can track the name on your current licence through to the name you want to appear on the new licence.

You can apply to change the gender details on your driver licence record without needing to provide an amended birth certificate.

You'll need to provide confirmation of the gender you wish to have recorded (Male, Female or Indeterminate).

This will be an original evidence of identity document which states your gender.

If you do not tell the DVA within eight weeks that your licence has not arrived, you will have to apply for a duplicate licence and pay the relevant fee.

If you legally change your name, you can apply to change it on your driver licence.

A Provisional Driving Licence is your first licence that grants you the means of learning to drive a car, motorcycle or moped.