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There you will find a button for Discord to link your patreon account with the Discord Server.We will never force someone to pay permanently for the same package, if you want to downgrade your package just go to the patreon website, and select a lower tier level.

updating error ios 5-83

For installing the patch on your i OS device you can use two possible ways.Patching i OS over wifi with the European Server Patching i OS over wifi with the singapore server Patching i OS over Mobile Data all these methods works on i OS up to 11.x XD is releasing from time to time updates to the game client, the standard maintenance is every tuesday.If you are supporting us via patreon, the payment will happen monthly.When you start supporting us, patreon will charge you the first time directly.As soon as we are able to release a new English patch, we go for ~10 minutes into a socalled "Maintenance Mode" which blocks users from using the outdate broken english patch.

This step is necessary as we had users in the past which used the old english patch and lost items/characters because of a mixup of old client files with new build numbers because of our english patch.we are working with a unique identifier number so call build can see this build number in the android patcher app.Starting from the next month then, Patreon will try to charge you between the 1st and 5th of the month.For a fair handling of the support we linked the payment at patreon with an adjustment of the payment time on our you mostly already payed in that moment for a month to play with your old tier, which is highter, our system will recognize the downgrade and updates your account in our database according to the downgrade information as soon as the next monthly payment is happening.