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Also, backup the contents of your device before proceeding.

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The device justify brief: Simply scroll through our How To Provision customary for the direction version you are pleased to engagement to, and every one of our gratis to dating how to men on delivering your i Phone, i Pod Circumstance, i Pad, Amount TV or even Play Station.

In our digital life, there are a lot of situations that we will need to install IPSW file on i Phone, i Pad or i Pod touch, like, update i OS system on device, repair abnormal operating system issue, restore device to factory reset and so forth.

Then scroll down to “Fix All i OS Stuck” on the main interface.

Step 2: If you have not downloaded the firmware before, you can click on “Next” button and specify a path in your computer to save the firmware file.

And change the dot extension of the file before that open the explorer and select Tools menu then go to Folder options, open view tab and deselect "Hide extension for known file types" option and click ok. For an i Phone 3GS or an i Pod 3G, this will be a tethered jailbreak, meaning that if you want to reboot your device, you will have to reconnect it to y Jailbreak Any i OS 4.

It will teach you how to use Redsn0w to jailbreak your device and install new firmware from here. It was the first significant update for the i Pad since its introduction. Once this is d Downgrade your i Phone from i OS 4 back to 3.In other words, quoted designations are not official product names from Apple unlike non-quoted ones , but are used to identify your device.Well the only reason a Jailbreak would be Tethered is if the developers behind the Jailbreak for a specific firmware version are having a hard time Jailbreaking it.Once this is download, open i Tunes and s Update your i Pod Touch to the 3.First download correct firmware for the i Phone or i Pod Touch.As such, we have written how to guides for each specific scenario that can be accessed from our How To Jailbreak Section.