Updating gridview row the proper ways of dating

Background: Writing Java Script is important in grid view where many operation is coming on dropdownlist clicking so needed to use Java Script to make is faster and user friendly.

Code Step by Step: Create a grid view first which will load data from database.

NET MVC Grid View is a data bound server extension with advanced client-side API.

The Grid View's client counterpart is represented by the MVCx Client Grid View object.An extension client object can be accessed on the client using the extension name defined using the Grid View Settings. The Grid View's client events can be accessed via the Grid View Settings. Individual Grid View columns are exposed on the client side as JS objects of the ASPx Client Grid View Column class.This method is showing change value using javascript 2.change Color(this) is called from on Click method of Check box this is just to show how to set style form Java Script in a row of Grid View.Each instance of a data model class will correspond to a row within a database table, and each property of the data model class will map to a column within a database table.

The image below demonstrates how the model class properties are represented within the Grid View.Example The code sample below demonstrates how to start row editing when an end-user double clicks this row.In this example, the Grid View's client Row Dbl Click event is handled.In my previous tutorials, I’d explained about how to bind data to gridview, how to get connection string, gridview inline insert update delete, difference between executereader executenonquery executescalar and other more cracking tutorials on Grid View, Asp.net, SQL Server here.Now here in this tutorial, I’ll explain how to show data in gridview and then insert update delete gridview records (perform CRUD operation) in using c# as well as with example code.It is necessary to define how the callbacks will be routed back to your controller using the Grid Settings Base. Partial View code - "Grid View Partial" (ASPX): Controller In the controller code, define the action method that will handle Grid View's callbacks.