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But we’ll be able to talk more about that in a few weeks.Free PBX has historically been funded through professional training, professional support services, and commercial modules.You can also find Power Shell scripts, some of which may contain Power Shell workflows, and which outline a set of tasks and provide sequencing for those tasks.

More recently we’ve kicked off development on Free PBX 14, our next major release.

One of the major new open sourced features we are bringing to the table is a calendaring system which will become a replacement for many of the scheduling components you use today, like Time Conditions.

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For more information on the upcoming change, we invite you to read our blog post.

These commercial modules tend to enhance the already provided open source functionality.

These modules usually require special development or maintenance considerations, so they become paid modules.

Some of these modules have been unmaintained for a few years and will be put into the contributed repository to allow community members to build off of the code and revive or enhance the functions for the open source community.

We have also thrown in a few actively maintained modules such as XMPP, RESTapi and Text-To-Speech Engines that will allow broader use and community contributions.

In the last year, the Free PBX project has seen great strides, including the release of Free PBX 13 with accelerated development and bug fixes.

Sangoma has also empowered Free PBX with new open source features such as: synchronizing Active Directory with user manager, a complete rewrite of Sound Recordings, the overhaul of the Free PBX interface, playback of recordings in your browser, the addition of the firewall module, sound languages module and so much more.

These companies have all done their parts to ensure the survival of the Free PBX project.