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But once you hang said shelves, don't just throw your gigantic bottle of mouthwash up there.

Artfully style them with bathroom canisters, soaps, rolled towels, and even extra toilet paper. Even TP looks chic when three rolls are stacked in a tiny pyramid.

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Most of the 12 bathroom makeovers below can each be achieved for around 0 (or less! Depending on what your rental bathroom needs (and your DIY level of confidence), pick a few and get to work! Hang a new shower curtain and liner There are lots of pretty, affordable shower curtains out there (Urban Outfitters and Target are both great sources).

If you decide on a curtain with a design, treat it like a wall tapestry, and play with colors from the design in the rest of your bathroom decor.

Luckily, there are a few tricks to making retro tilework palatable—or maybe even, dare we say it, lovable.

The majority of our favorite spaces, below, use white—white paint, white towels, white shower curtains—to bring a welcome freshness to dated finishes.

Consider buying a new one and washing the liner you have: Even plastic liners can be washed in cold water in the washing machine, along with some towels.

(The towels help scrub mold and mildew from the liner.) To create even more drama, hang an extra-tall shower curtain; use a tension curtain rod to avoid adding holes to the wall.From there, its all about soothing, minimalist accents.But no matter what you do, old-school tile will always be over the top.If you have white grout, you can choose just to freshen it up with white paint.Or, with your landlord's permission, you can paint your grout a new color -- gray grout with white tile is having a moment. Install a new faucet Why would you upgrade your landlord's digs with your own money?Pick your favorite (we vote French impressionists for a bathroom), print out an 8-by-10 or 11-by-14 photo at your local pharmacy, grab a frame, and voilà!