Updating old painted cabinets

If you're giving the cabinets an entirely new finish, prepping the current surfaces is required for optimal results with the new look.

This applies whether you plan to paint, stain or varnish the cabinets. Clean cabinets with a potent degreaser, especially near the stove, as this buildup can be hard to remove and will gunk up sandpaper.

Apply a citrus-based stripper if taking the cabinets down to bare wood to stain them; otherwise, sand them as smooth as possible to create an ideal surface for the new varnish or paint.

Fresh paint gives old cabinets new life, transforming the entire room with an updated appearance.

Do you think our landlord would allow us to upgrade her cabinets?

Replacing an entire set of kitchen cabinets is an expensive undertaking, especially when cabinets in this room are numerous.

For a color wash, apply a contrasting color over a painted cabinet using large "X" strokes.

Rub the paint in with a rag for a warm finish similar to the look of tinted plaster.Create a shabby chic or cottage-style look of a cabinet that's been used for generations by painting on one color, rubbing a candle over the surface, then applying a different color.Apply as many color coats as you'd like, then sand the corners and high-use areas to reveal underlying shades.Kathy Adams is an award-winning journalist and freelance writer who traveled the world handling numerous duties for music artists.She writes travel and budgeting tips and destination guides for USA Today, Travelocity and For Rent, among others.Love the idea, but I would strip, and stain the cabinets and moulding to match & update further", "shopping_flags": [], "rich_metadata": null, "link": " "has_required_attribution_provider": false, "pinner": , "repin_count": 1096, "created_at": "Sun, 0000", "dominant_color": "#e4c1a0", "pin_join": {"country_canonical_pins": , "seo_description": "Add crown moulding to basic kitchen cabinets!