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This improves engineering efficiency and helps customers improve productivity. Control system virtualization platform Yokogawa’s control system virtualization platform enables a single server to perform the work of multiple virtual PCs, thus reducing the number of PCs required to configure a control system.

CENTUM VP is the ninth generation in the CENTUM series.Known for their rugged performance, CENTUM systems set high standards for engineering and technology excellence while ensuring backwards compatibility with previous system versions and support of the latest technology applications.AD Suite is a powerful yet flexible engineering environment that helps engineers produce quality work and improves efficiency over the entire project lifecycle. Compatible with the latest server operating system CENTUM VP R6.06 is compatible with Windows Server 2016, which delivers the latest security functions.Opre X is the comprehensive brand for Yokogawa’s industrial automation (IA) and control business.Knowledge-driven engineering lies at the heart of CENTUM, a Yokogawa flagship product that has been proudly serving the process industry, over the past 40 years.

This release features the addition of the control system virtualization platform, support for Windows Server 2016, a modification that enables the Field Control Station (FCS) programs to be upgraded with minimal interruption to operations, and the addition of a function to the Automation Design Suite (AD Suite) integrated engineering environment that allows minor modifications to be made to applications software during witness inspections.

With this new version of CENTUM VP, downtime is eliminated, productivity is enhanced, and users are able to take advantage of the latest control technologies. Ability to quickly perform minor modifications to applications software For this latest version of CENTUM VP, modifications have been made to AD Suite* that give users the ability to quickly and easily implement modifications to application control logic and alarm attributes.

Such modifications to system software can be immediately executed with the single action of clicking on an icon on the editor screen.

The CENTUM VP controller is capable of handling a massive amount of field data at comfortable speeds that fully satisfies the needs in the field digital era.

Both the controllers and I/O node units can be placed in remote, classified locations (IEC Zone 2/Class I Div. We know single bit of software and hardware to maintain a 99.99999% availability service record.

One of the product groups that make up the Opre X Control category is the Opre X Control and Safety System family, which includes the CENTUM VP DCS.