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The official guide Ubuntu 16.04 Installation Guide covers a complete list of alternative installation methods for Ubuntu.

At present (March 2018), however, it does not explain some of the very important preliminary steps if you want to install Ubuntu alongside Windows. Nonetheless, you should check if your hardware works with Ubuntu and meets the minimum system requirements.

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(Click the Windows Start key in the lower left corner of the screen.

If you already have your computer, you can easily do so by making a Live DVD or USB drive (as described below) and starting the computer with it in the appropriate drive.

You may, however, have to change the boot order (as described below) to get your machine to start from the Live DVD.

From there go to "Update and Recovery" then "Recovery" then "Advanced startup" then "Restart now" then "Troubleshoot" then "Advanced options" and then "UEFI Firmware settings".

Once you have reached this editor, use the right arrow key to move across to the "Boot" tab and then follow instructions on the screen to move the optical drive to the top of the boot order. On the Security tab it is possible to disable Secure Boot.

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