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You will have to save it to a file called or on your machine.

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I'm new to SCCM in general, but have some experience with SCCM 2012 SP1 deploying applications and updates.

I don't have much experience with the SCCM 2007 style of package deployment, which is how it seems SAS suggests you can automate license renewal: issue is on how exactly to create the package.

If you are not sure which version of SAS 8 you have on your machine, read this.

Let’s say that we received the setinit for version 8.2 in an email and have saved it as on the desktop.

Should receive a message that "The setint was successfully applied." Press OK 8.

This document is intended for users of the SAS software JMP , and provides instructions for updating the license in JMP versions 12.x and 13.x. If your JMP 12/13 license is expired, then starting JMP 12/13 will produce a JMP: Provide Your JMP License window asking if you would like to update the license.The status of update is saved in a file called "log" and you can open it with a text editor to double check if the update is a success. The SETINIT File Location dialog box opens for you to provide the path to the setinit file. The location can be found from Properties when you right click on SAS icon. You can of course then check to see yourself by clicking on SAS icon.What if you don’t see the Option "Apply authorization code to SAS V8"? Now, assuming we have already copied to this directory, we can then issue the following command: sas -setinit -sysin "setinit.sss" -config sasv8This should start up SAS for a brief moment. Then you ll be asked for the path to SASFOLDER directory. A dialog box came up asking if your setinit has been provided on paper. Click Next button after the correct path (drive and file name) is entered. SAS will run the update and notify you that the setinit information has been updated. To upgrade your version of JMP, first install the new version, and then uninstall the older version.If your copy of SAS has expired, you will not be able to update SAS within SAS and you need to update the SETINIT. You probably received your setinit in an email message.Running the command from the directory that already exists by creating a package is easy.