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Once a category is selected, its options appear below the icon, selectable by pressing the button (for European and North American version), or button (Asian versions only).

Going back is possible by pressing the left directional button or the button (for European and North American version), or button (Asian versions only).

Updating the firmware of your Sony TV is a must to clear up the ongoing issues, boost up the current functionality and ensure that your Sony TV maintains its best condition.In fact, for any model of Sony TV, firmware upgrades is a must for solving the problem of video-auto dimmer, repairing audio associated problems and improving the menu navigation.Once the upgrade is complete, remove the USB device.To ensure that your Sony TV runs smoothly and avoiding any forms of issues, ensure that your TV runs the latest firmware.They, in turn, are selectable by the up and down directions on a directional pad.

Originally used on the PSX (a Play Station 2 with an integrated digital video recorder), the XMB is used as the default interface on both the Play Station Portable and Play Station 3.Connect with your computer the USB storage drive, browse the folder where all the extracted firmware files have been located and then copy the same to the USB storage drive. Switch off your Sony TV and put the USB in the service port which is situated behind the TV.This port is basically a USB input, which is situated behind the TV to the bottom right.Take the help of Sony TV user manual should you face any issues finding the Service port.Switching on the TV and you will soon come across a message popping on the screen that will notify you about the update which will take a few minutes to complete.The XMB has been phased out starting with the Play Station Vita, which adopted a new touch-based user interface called Live Area.