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Note: I know there's a Vista password issue but would expect that to simply prevent share security level access (and in any case, I use XP).

Nevertheless, I wonder if a security update or SP3 contains something which is causing problems associated with this.

I have recently done a lot of things to the PC (trying different network cards, changing IP’s and subnets, flashing NAS, experimenting with different network utilities etc) and have just reloaded XP3 to ensure there isn't some silly conflict.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #1: KDS, KK, SME20/2A w/Akiva, Uphorik, Exakt 350A, Transparent Reference XL Cables #2: LP12 40th Aniv., KDS, Unidisc 1.1, KK Solosx2, Kremlin, LP12, Wilson Duette 2, JL Audio F113, Transparent XL Cables #3: Klimax Renew, Klimax Chakra twin, Akurate Pre, Majik 109s, Akurate Sub I have just downloaded some high resolution files from the Linn Records website and can not get them on my Ready NAS. I opened Windows Explorer and try to copy the files from my PC to the Ready NAS but I keep getting the following error message window: Error Copying File or Folder X Cannot copy : The specified network name is no longer available. Download Filezilla ( free ) and connect to your NAS using its ip address.

I have tried mapping the Ready NAS to a drive letter and copying straight to the network share and I get the same error. This is the industry standard to move large data across the internet - we receive 40 gig files from Amazon every week and never lose a byte.

I know there is an issue with Vista and share level security but I use XP.

I've been avoiding SP3 for ages but think this started roughly about the same time I tried it; there might be an issue there; see also next thought: 3.

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