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If it has, the database response provides the switch with the LRN needed to properly route the call.

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Local Number Portability ( LNP ) is made technically feasible by the Location Routing Number (LRN), a unique 10-digit telephone number assigned to each switch.The LRN approach made it possible to introduce LNP without radically changing the Public Switched Telephone Network.When a number is ported, the 10 digit LRN is associated with the ported number.Calls to the ported number are instead routed based on the NPA-NXX of the 10 digit LRN.Before LNP was established, the NPA-NXX of a telephone number identified the switch serving the number, the state and rate center where the number was originally assigned as well as the service provider.

Because LNP allows a number to be moved from one switch to another, the NPA-NXX of a telephone number is no longer a reliable indicator of the serving switch and service provider's identity.This invention relates to the field of routing data through a communications network.More particularly, the present invention relates to the field of automatically updating network components that terminate to multiple devices.A method and system for identifying switch and trunk-group combinations and updating switches, or other components, required to implement a dial plan is provided.The method includes receiving a source network-element identifier and a destination network-element identifier.When multiple switches are involved in the call path, the next to last carrier has the responsibility to make the LNP database query if one has not already been made.