Updating trainz driver

Note: You do not need to rename them if you are importing into TS12. Move the renamed files into the Builtin folder of the version you are importing into. This will add the builtins into the version you are importing into.

If you wish to include non-built in content from the earlier version, you can use the Import Content feature.

Below are the relevant folders you need to import: UTC/TRS2004: World/Custom and World/Dispatcher/Downloads.

TRS2006, TC, TS2009 SP1/2/3: Local TS2009 SP4/TS2010: Userdata/Original followed by Userdata/Local. In Content Manager, click File, then Import Content. Select the relevant folder(s) mentioned above - if there is more than one folder mentioned, you will need to re-run Import Content for each folder.

Fixed issues where PA login was incorrectly being marked as not set. Non-derailed sections of consist are no longer automatically cleaned up.

Timeout message now shows when a host unexpectedly disconnects in multiplayer.

Microsoft handed over distribution of MSTS to third parties in about 2005 and the game was released under Atari (US) and Ubisoft (Europe/Asia/Oceania) labels.

Despite the new distributors, the game remained unchanged at ver 1.4.

The following changes have been implemented for this Patch:- In-game Downloadable Content (Payware and Freeware).- Improved multi-player support.

- Updated support for tunnels, bridges, power lines etc (splines).- Improved session workflow (rules, nesting, copying etc).- Automatic thumbnail generation for routes and sessions.- Rewritten train coupling physics.- Improved CMP error detection and validation.

It is available from and costs about AU delivered to Au8stralia. Listed below are the downloads you need to bring your MSTS up to date, not need a CD in the drive and be ready to install MSTS-Bin.

The Train Update file below contains the v1.4 update, updated Tech Docs and updated Tools utilities.

Microsoft Train Simulator was released in mid-2001.