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Corrected a rare Address Exception when closing first of multiple datasets 6. New tool for Expanding Routes with extra waypoints 10. Improved support for import and export of Lowrance version 4 files (depth, date/time plus comment fields) 5. Updated EST import to deal with more annotation types 2. Correct a problem with import and export of Furuno *. Corrected a regression bug associated with creating routes using map view. Corrected a problem with the import of Version 4 Lowrance USR files. Fixed regression bug associated with echoing position on map for grid projections 4.

Updated TZD file import to deal with slight change of format 7. Corrected sequence number in Expand Route function 11. Fix to Correlate Photos function to deal with waypoints with no valid time data 3. Corrected a problem with Nobeltex *(ONF) file export when CF=Degrees 7. Fix to Raymarine FSH file export to deal with files with more than 2 data blocks 16. Fixed regression bug regarding invalid DEM heights for grid projections 5.

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Corrections to SHP file import when SHX file present 9.

Inhibit some warning messages if batch job for S&T EST file import 8.

Interpret Garmin proprietary NMEA sentence for WGS84 Datum Version 5.21 22-10-14 ------------ 1. Fix to deal with Routes in Version 5 Lowrance USR files 8. Corrected export file list in Save/Export options dialog (Easychart) 4. Adjusted the Waypoint selection dialog to give less whitespace 10.

Added non-user waypoints support for Gamin FPL file import/export 5. Fix for Cursor remaining as Hourglass after Bitmap Calibration dialog 4. Changed the Waypoint selection dialog to echo coordinate and comment 11.

Issue warning message when waypoint or route name longer than 16 characters 7. Download/Upload Garmin GPX files automatically if file structure present in GPS. Corrected a symbol set regression problem (access violation) 8. New echo mode in Map Settings for Tracks - Speed, Course, VMG and Bearing 2. Correct minor bug concerning track waypoints - issure warning message 4. Give a warning message when coordinate field is too small during export of DBF files. Import of Imray Digital Chart (IDC) *route files Version 5.0v 10th Apr 2011 ------------ 1. Provide import of Waypoint Creation timestamp from DBF files 4. Do not show warning message when unable to save data for some special editions 6.

Corrected a regression bug associated with Maptech *file import Version 5.1p (21/11/2012) ------------ 1. Some further symbol set handling corrections Version 5.1g (org) ------------ 1. Support for export of Track data in new Google Earth track format 5. Deal with Garmin symbols of type 'Flag, Red' on import Version 5.1e 20th September 2011 ------------ 1. Support Multiple Polylines in Mapinfo TAB fileset import 5. Fix to Chart Route regarding echoing the X value (distance) Version 5.0u ------------ 1.Home Description Versions GPS Receivers Features Function List Download Registration Things to Do FAQs Comments Hints & Tips Conditions of Use Service & Support Changes Feedback Form User Group Links Author's homepage Home Description Versions GPS Receivers Features Function List Download Registration Things to Do FAQs Comments Hints & Tips Conditions of Use Service & Support Changes Feedback Form User Group Links Author's homepage Version 5.27 01/03/2016 ------------ 1. Improvements to Time Zero TZD file import to deal with later versions 5. Fix for create Creeping Line Search Pattern from doubling the Lane Width. Support Raymarine XML extension for Waypoint Depth in GPX files 6. Fix to import of Hummingbird HWR files for version 2. Some corrections to QCT file extract dialog including correction of a regression bug 4. Enable Saving and Printing in the FNS Special edition (version 5.22/F) 6. Provided a Sort capability for the Track Summary table 4. Upgraded Garmin USB interface handler so as to work on Windows 8 OS 20.Support for symbols when importing Memory Map i Pad App GPX files 2. Added DBS, DBT, DBK sentences to NMEA file import 7. Added a 'Protected' dataset folder so that users can keep valuable files safe. Corrected a rare Address Violation when adding a Waypoint to a Route 5. Correction to USB Garmin GPS interface when using Windows 8. Correction for DXF file import when using certain grid projections 4. Increased Zoom-in by 2 steps of x2 plus High Precision Map grid labels Version 5.1w ------------ 1. Upgraded GPX file export to be more compliant with Garmin Base Camp software Version 5.17 - (24/05/2013) ------------ 1. Automatic restart Position Console after Disconnect-Connect for NMEA mode 3.Fixed a bug due to an unsupported projection in Geo Tif file import 7. Support TIF LZW files with predictor coding Version 5.1o ------------ 1. Support Depth in Version 3 Lowrance USR files for both import and export Version 5.0t ------------ 1. Support for Furuno GP33 (waypoints with no CRC, comment length=13 and color) 4. Corrected a problem with updating file when map folder location is changed. Fix for regression bug in Tracklogs TRL file export 2.Fixed a bug caused by trying to draw waypoint symbols when no symbol set present 8. Support the OSGB grid projection for Geo Tif image file import 2. If lastfile is *then make this the default file extension for new files. Added support for ICONS in Lowrance USR file import and export 5. Support TIFF-LZW images with British Grid calibration 3. Fixed some regression bugs (after clean up) in Map calibration code 5.Support for import of track data from CMAP *files Version 5.18 22-08-13 ------------ Version 5.1v ------------ 1. Added a 'Towed Object' mode to Make Offset Track tool 3. Fix for GPX file import for Freeware version for Route Full message 13. Preliminary support for TZD Track (bin) and waypoint database (xml) files. Allow the user to reverse the order of trackpoints within a segment 4.