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Tip 9: Get any and all drivers for each system’s components, especially ones for network cards and monitors.Check the Web for any updated versions before beginning the upgrade. update to its popular Windows 95 operating system, may be an unavoidable upgrade for government users, especially for portable PC buyers. Most computer makers began installing Win98 earlier this month, although Microsoft officially released the OS only last week.

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At minimum, back up all essential data on a medium that can be accessed should the upgrade fail.

Even better, perform a complete back up of the entire hard drive (also see Tip 76). Remember that under MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, and Win95, the antivirus program may be loading a terminate-and-stay-resident program from within the and files.

Tip 7: Check to verify that your PC components meet Win98’s minimum requirements: 66-MHz 486 or faster processor, at least 16M of RAM and at least 200M of free hard drive space.

Our minimum recommendations are a bit more robust: 166-MHz Pentium or faster, 32M memory and a 1.5G hard drive with 300M free.

If possible, use an uninstall feature to remove the antivirus product.

Tip 15: Drop the video resolution to 800 by 600 pixels with 16-bit color depth or even lower.

We recommend that Pentium Pro and Pentium II systems with 64M or more of RAM run NT.

Others with slower processors or less memory ought to go with Win98.

On some systems we worked with, Win98 did fix minor conflicts. Sometimes it still takes wiping and a clean install, as we found out.

Tip 3: On networks with several clients running different versions of Win95 and Windows 3.1, Win98 will consolidate all users on the same platform.

NT still lacks PC Card and power-saving support for portable computers.