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PNC Bank assures me that even though I am putting my entire life savings into a joint account with my family due to the long history of them at the bank my funds should be safe.

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So The funds go through, I wrote a check to my family for 15k due to them demanding I owe them for absolute lies, yet I pay it to keep them quiet rather than think that they would take another 15k out in a personal check to themselves.

I see that of my entire life savings I have 15k left and figured it was due to them reaching their limit or whatfuckever.

Fortunately, sometimes you can find out in advance if the check is good.: Earn 1.75% APY on an FDIC-insured money market account at CIT Bank.

In general, you call the bank that houses the check author’s account, provide them the check information and they’ll tell you either yes or no.

As you can imagine, it typically takes longer to update the databases than it does to turn off a number operationally.

While that process is underway, it sounds like you're taking sound steps to be on the look-out for fraud. Comment Policy It is your choice whether to submit a comment.

I sold my house been with BOA for 5 years with my business and personal. I BEGGED them to call and verify the funds thru the title agency (which of course was a WIRE TRANSFER from the buyer and funds available immediately) and they said flat out NO.

So here I am no money no home and looking for a NEW bank starting Monday to do business and personal with.

What else can you do to protect your business from fake check rip-offs? We will not accept most personal checks and then only up to a minimal amount only with proper Identification. The number is no longer valid in the sense that any payment order sent to that number will be rejected.

Train your staff to watch for warning signs that a paper check might be counterfeit, like: Just to let you know I did a search on the routing number above (you said is no longer valid) on the Federal Reserve E-Payments Routing Directory But it'll appear in some databases for a while still.

Saturday the banks are not actually open….whatever sence that makes, hit yourself in the head with a hammer it doesnt help.