Validating resources located at non public ip addresses

Our main phone number (generally goes to voicemail) is US – 650-423-1300.

Our business address is 950 Charter Street, Redwood City, CA 94063.

for verifying identity when updating contact information or for password recovery.

Support technical contact information is stored in our support ticketing system, which is operated by ISC in the US.

When we log issues in our publicly-visible issue trackers on behalf of support customers, we either make the issue private, or anonymize the support customer identity.

In the event you choose to make a donation or purchase using your credit card, we will request credit card information, including number, expiration date, billing address and card security code so your donation can be processed.

In fact, the resources are masked from users, and software is used for dividing the physical server into multiple virtual machines or environments, called virtual or private servers. Virtual Web servers provide a very simple and popular way of offering low-cost web hosting services.

Instead of using a separate computer for each server, dozens of virtual servers can co-exist on the same computer. For example, it allows each virtual server to run its own operating system.Very infrequently, we may also use the technical support contact email addresses to survey support users about our support services or product usage, or to provide roadmap updates.We don’t have any regular support process that uses customer telephone numbers, but some subscribers of our support services are allowed to contact us via phone and we might conceivably use the telephone number in an unusual process, e.g.We must have this information in order to communicate with the submitter to get more information about the issue and/or verify a solution.We don’t want anyone to refrain from submitting issues because of privacy concerns, however, so if you want to submit an issue and don’t want your submission to be publicly visible, contact us to request that we hide your personal information.This information is required in order for us to provide the support service.