Validating scanner profiles

You should first install and configure the neccessary build tools for developing Ionic apps: The project dependencies are set in the file.

] XCCDF 1.2 Schematron XCCDF Validation tool: Version: Size: 5.61 MB SHA-256: E812DE3DD3BBBBEC2EC597E4C7969BC9B5F20BB2A4BC7F215EE83649B2DFD332 Data Dictionaries: XCCDF 1.2 Element Dictionary (Non-normative) Upgrade Utility: XSL Utility to Upgrade XCCDF content from 1.1.4 to 1.2 (See the README.txt) Check Implementations: Open Checklist Interactive Language (OCIL) Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language (OVAL) Documents: NISTIR 7275 Rev.

3 (PDF) - January 2008 Changes to XCCDF Specification since 1.1.3 (DOC) XML Schema Files: [what is a schema?

An ensemble approach to estimating the CH emission rate proved successful with the ensemble median estimate within 16% for the actual release rate for the blind release experiment and within 2% once the release rate was known.

XCCDF is a specification language for writing security checklists, benchmarks, and related kinds of documents.

It is a strict superset of Java Script that adds optional static typing and class-based object-oriented programming to the language.

Its downside is the need to "compile" it to regular Java Script.

The specification also defines a data model and format for storing results of benchmark compliance testing.

The intent of XCCDF is to provide a uniform foundation for expression of security checklists, benchmarks, and other configuration guidance, and thereby foster more widespread application of good security practices.

For document and reference metadata, XCCDF uses the Dublin Core Metadata element set.

For more information about Dublin Core Metadata, visit the DCMI web site.

The XCCDF specification document and related files for various revisions can be downloaded below.