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He is replacing Steve Ballmer, who did not understood the new mobile market (first i Phone and Android) and is probably one of the reasons Microsoft completely missed the boat and is now fighting hard to get a place taking market shares to competitors (Apple, Samsung) percent after percent.Contrary to his predecessor Satya Nadella’s global strategy for Microsoft is “cloud first and mobile first“, so exit the traditional desktop model, and again this is a very sane strategy.First I’ll start by presenting the signs that are worrying me, and should worry you too if you are a WPF stakeholder.

And Microsoft has taken this into account when building Win RT because you can now use the whole HTML/CSS/JS stack, including frameworks like Angular and Knockout, to develop desktop applications; a strong sign confirming that web technologies are really becoming ubiquitous (after Node on the server).In order to capture a part of the applications vendors revenues most of the platforms’ owners like Apple and Microsoft have created “stores” you must use to publish and buy applications.The last article of this blog is dated from may 2011 so more than 3 years ago, precisely when Win RT was starting to emerge as the next big thing.An idle blog could mean a lot of things but IMHO nothing good: probably the team was reduced to the bare minimum and animating this blog is not a priority, maybe the best members of the team have been moved to other projects like Win RT, and maybe this is intentional to send a signal to the community…And unfortunately AFAIK the Windows Store applications must be based on Win RT, so your WPF applications can’t be deployed through the store.

Note that this is not an issue for businesses that deploy their applications internally and don’t need a store, nor for big applications vendors like ERP who use their own commercial channels to sell their applications, but this is an issue if you are a small vendor who need the visibility of the store, before a competitor eats your market shares.

As a WPF developer for years I was recently concerned by the new direction chosen by Microsoft on its client platforms with the rise of the brand new Win RT framework.

I was concerned for good reasons: I’ve suffered from the collateral damages of the Silverlight failure, and as the proverb says “once bitten, twice shy”.

Since 2009 I have put a huge personal and professional investment in WPF, using it to develop LOB applications in the financial industry, and now I’m even providing training on this topic.

So as a professional developer and trainer the future of WPF is critical for me so I’ve studied this issue more thoroughly.

There is no such things in WPF 4.5 to allow full integration to Windows 8 features like the charm bar and the numerous application contracts though there is some interop capabilities.