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Her sister-in-law runs a vegan restaurant in the south of France.

She says in a lot of cases, it comes down to values."Conflicts don't get out of hand unless they breach somebody's moral views," she said.

"I think a lot of what we'd see is someone feeling misunderstood or that their partner was opposing some of their views around eating," she said.

'"That's what Karine Brighten had in mind when she started her company, Veg Speed Date.

She and her husband are both vegans, but she knows from friends' experiences that a relationship between a vegetarian and a meat eater can be a minefield."It's going to impact a lot of different things, like what happens in the kitchen, and whether or not there will be any meat allowed in the house …

so for her it's just about not supporting those industries.

Then it gets tricky because we share finances."If he had to make a choice, Chan says his relationship comes first."I really like chicken wings, but I don't like them more than my happy marriage.

What they’re saying is vegan is the zeitgeist, it’s the change agent, whether you’re concerned about education, the environment, ethics, animal rights, whether you want to cook better, eat better, feel better or look better.

They may have hit 30, but speakers including Main Street Vegan’s Victoria Moran and Dr.

Once upon a time — 1967, in fact — the youth of our nation converged on the Bay Area in what became known as the Summer of Love.

Some came for the drugs, some came for the music, some for the free sex, others for the energy, the zeitgeist, the spirit and sense that we were on the brink of social change. Here we are half a century later, and once again, it’s a summer of change.

whether you go to zoos," she said."Having a like-minded partner just takes away a lot of those potential difficult situations."Veg Speed Date holds dating events for vegans and vegetarians across North America.

Georgia Jardine says her diet caused some conflict when she first started dating her boyfriend, Ethan Munro — she's vegan, but he likes to hunt."I did get the feeling from him that he was judging, at the beginning, that I was vegan," she said.

On the other hand, this week it’s got Vegetarian Summerfest, one big plant-based party put on by the North American Vegetarian Society.