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All of which have helped to transform Vietnam into a modernizing nation of patience and innovation.

Contact us: [email protected] entry visa requirements vary by country.

Latitude: 102º 08' - 109º 28’ east Longitude: 8º 02' - 23º 23' north Vietnam is also a transport junction from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

Climate: Vietnam lies in the tropics and monsoon (detail)Topography: Three quarters of Vietnam's territory consist of mountains and hills Administrative Units: Vietnam is divided into 63 provinces and cities The definition of "Vietnam"; is "the Viet people of the south." The Viets were the main ethnic group living in this land dating back 4,000 years.

All other citizens are required to have a 30-day entry visa obtained through a Vietnamese consulate or embassy before departure for Vietnam, or a pre-approved entry visa (issued upon arrival at one of Vietnam’s international airports).

Some Vietnamese embassies will accept visa applications directly from the traveler.It is required that visas be acquired at the Vietnamese Embassy before arrival in Vietnam.Some Vietnamese Embassies will accept visa applications directly from the traveler.To promote organized travel in Vietnam, Vietnamese Embassies require that you go through a Vietnamese tour company in Vietnam to get your visa clearance.The costs are somewhat cheaper to get it through a Vietnamese tour company.Wherever they may go, visitors in Vietnam all experience the friendly smiles of its people.