Virgo dating libra

Virgo has a gift for analyzing but might grow too nervous if always thrown off balance by the forward leaning Libra.And if Virgo is put to a test of coolness within a wider circle of friends, they'll likely go into hiding.A Virgo that's pressed for personal details will shy away.

Watch a Libra push the edge of conversation by any means necessary, and you see that cardinality (initiating) in progress.

Both love to show off their skills in the art of conversation.

They're a picture of refinement, if somewhat cool in their show of affection.

Virgo likes to keep their business private, so Libra will need to curb the tendency to tell all.

Consider the Virgo's system as refined and sensitive -- they have to digest all their experiences slowly.

If Libra is truly interested, they'll want to tune in to the very specific tastes of Virgo and suggest low key dates without a lot of social pressure to perform, look or be a certain way.

Dipping your toe in, rather than committing to a long night, is the way to go. Virgo is not one to show effusive affection, and definitely will not stroke anyone's ego just to win their favor!

Libra wants to be admired wholeheartedly, and for Virgo to hang on their every word. For the love to seed, there's got to be a meeting of bright minds, in the moderation that Virgo likes.

Libra lifts Virgo out of the trap of micro-thinking, to offer sweeping vistas.

But when life goals are different, and they're ready to move on, it's hard to shift the focus together.

Virgo is by nature a hermit but comes alive with people who meet their standards.