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And it all started with a lost bunny, which led to a harrowing journey, then an amazing reunion.

FLIR cameras are empowering innovators like Facebook to develop the next generation of VR capture technology.

Unfortunately, judging by the pack shots provided by Alice X's PR team (seen above), it seems as though it may be marred by low-quality 3D backgrounds that hardly look appropriate for each model or their surroundings.Why not just let users interact with the models in their own environment such as a bedroom or literally anywhere instead of rendering it instead?e2e Soft VCam is a Webcam Emulator, which emulates a webcam in your system and works like a real one.It can be used in most of the applications which use webcam, such as IM software, video broadcasting, video conferencing, video teaching, remote education, video chatting etc.Workers from the charity Terre des Hommes went undercover in chatrooms for ten weeks last year, posing as Philippine girls and using Sweetie to lure potential predators via webcam.

The group says it never actively approached predators, waiting instead for them to contact Sweetie, and that its researchers stopped all conversations once a user offered the young girl money to perform sexual acts.A global sting operation involving a virtual ten-year-old girl named Sweetie has led to the conviction of a registered sex offender in Australia, marking what is believed to be the first conviction since the avatar was created last year by a Dutch rights group.Scott Robert Hansen, 37, pleaded guilty to three counts in a Brisbane court this week, admitting to possessing images of child sexual abuse and sending lewd pictures of himself to Sweetie.Our cameras and software give you the performance and flexibility you need to push boundaries.• Ideal for multi-camera VR systems • Flexible ROI and scalable frame rates • High performance on-board processing • Precision triggering (GPIO hardware or IEEE 1588 PTP) • Sensor formats from 1/1.8” to 1.1” (crop factor 4.8-2.5) • High quality, low cost C-mount optics • SDK for complete control over camera features • Industrial reliability and quality FLIR's single lens and spherical cameras feature Sony's Pregius Global Shutter CMOS Sensors.By using global shutter technology, users avoid rolling shutter artifacts common in scenes with motion, be it through camera movement, or objects moving quickly through the scene.You may purchase to remove it and use full features.