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This is often referred to a social engineering and can be defined as the art of manipulating people so they give up confidential information.

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Hackers use such tactics as they are incredibly effective.Such tactics are effective as they exploit our natural inclination of trust.Following these relatively simple steps will help prevent a large majority of malware infections.Hackers compose their emails to be either enticing or to get your attention within a workplace environment.Fortunately, despite it been such a critical area needing defense it can be fairly easily done.

It involves understanding how hackers use emails to catch users off guard so they install malware.It is also important to see who the sender is first before opening the email.If it sent from an address you are not in regular contact with it is advised not to open the email.This exploiting of our trust can happen in numerous ways and how it is done is dependent on the goals of the hacker.If the hacker was looking to steal banking information they will compose an email to appear on a bank asking you for your login credentials for example. Researchers at Verizon discovered in their 2017 Data Breach Investigation Report that 66% of all malware attacks analyzed for that period were installed via email.