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The surroundings of Skradin have been inhabited since the Neolithic period – the oldest settlement dates from the year 3500 B. The first data about the town of Skradin dates from the year 33 B. The first data about the town of Skradin dates from the year 33 B. Skradin had the first hydroelectric power plant in Europe, opened in 1895, at the same time as Tesla’s famous power plant at Niagara Falls!

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However, the truth is often much simpler since people and everyday life are smarter than history.Skradin is simply magical in its each and every detail.When speaking about the 6000 year long existence of the Skradin area, historians endowed with wisdom search for the reasons of that continuity in its location and geo-strategic position.History always looks for great and sensible reasons.These findings are based on user functions within Badoo’s application, including designated geographic location within user profile settings.

About Badoo Badoo is the largest dating app in the world.It contains houses dating from the 18th and 19th century which are stuccoed inthe manner typical for Venice and areas under her influence.On the streets of Skradin you will find the pleasant atmosphere of a small Dalmatian town, especially during the Skradin festival of klapa singing (a capella singing typical for the Croatian Adriatic) or during the celebration of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary.The insights pulled from the study demonstrate the opposite of what most assume: living in a densely populated area won’t necessarily help you find a love connection.The research takes a close look at the concentration of singles in cities across the United States, as well as a breakdown of singles in specific boroughs of large metropolitan areas.We’re noticing that rural areas pose a greater opportunity for singles to meet a potential mate.”“There’s a common misconception in modern day dating that assumes big cities equate to larger dating pools,” says Amber Williams, Badoo’s internal dating expert.