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These travelers brought new ideas and more resources directly to the Cuban people—Airbnb estimates that million in revenue have reached Cuban hosts since April 2015. technology companies like Google took advantage of the opening to forge new agreements, including one that enhances access to the Internet for Cubans.

Cuba also expanded access to the Internet and mobile phones. Two governments that once plotted how to undermine one another began working together.

While not a full reversal of the Obama opening, Trump’s actions have put relations between the United States and Cuba back into the prison of the past—setting back the prospects for reform inside of Cuba, and ignoring the voices of the Cuban people and a majority of Americans just so that he can reward a small and dwindling political constituency. and Cuban delegations to verify that we were telling the truth.

We are not here to tell other people how to live.” Can anyone credibly argue that Trump’s Cuba policy is motivated by a commitment to promote human rights around the world? Moreover, as a democracy-promotion vehicle, the embargo has been a failure.For more than 50 years, it has been in place; for more than 50 years, a Castro has governed Cuba.Cuba has long played an outsized role in the world’s imagination.To Americans, it has been the setting for the drama of mobsters, Castros, the Cold War, assassination attempts, boatlifts, and ideological conflict—mixed with the allure of a culture that finds full expression in Miami.If anything, the embargo has provided a justification for the Cuban government to suppress political dissent in the name of protecting Cuban sovereignty.

By breaking with this past, the Obama administration improved the lives of the Cuban people, and brought hope to people who had learned to live without it.logado) if (logado) // Variable que nos dirá si en la página donde se encuentra el usuario se debe mostrar el mensaje de sesión caducada var display Expired Session = false; if(!One of the most depressing things about President Donald Trump’s decision to roll back elements of the Cuba opening is how predictable it was.The State Department is taking these incidents "very seriously," she added, and is working to determine the cause and impact of the incidents.A statement from the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday categorically denied any Cuban involvement in the mistreatment of US diplomats in Cuba, and said the decision to expel Cuban diplomats was "unjustified and unfounded.""The Ministry emphatically emphasizes that Cuba has never allowed ...The nascent Cuban private sector—shops, restaurants, taxis—grew dramatically, fueled by unlimited remittances from the United States.