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Does that really not impact the morale and working relationships of the other person?

They’ll make your worst relationship moments look angelic. So you don’t want to do anything he likes to do, but you expect him to do what you want to do. You’re welcome— these are some of the most funny Yahoo Answers out there.You know, it’s easy to talk about someone who’s a bad boyfriend. Well, if you’re a straight girl, you might have had experience with really crappy relationships with awful dudes. The couples are always looking out for each other by way of trying to ensure they don’t have to take on extra work and having a counterproductive attitude to other staff.

Could our organization adopt a “no relationship” policy and therefore require one person from each couple to leave the organization?But your better bet is to in this situation, which means addressing it forthrightly when someone in a couple is behaving in a disruptive manner, like the things you described.Make it clear that that behavior isn’t okay, and if it continues, impose consequences — one of which could certainly be managing them out of the organization if you feel it rises to that level.In our organization of 25 employees, there are two sets of couples.Having couples on such a small staff is really counterproductive.It’s sometimes easier to call out when it’s dudes being nasty, but let’s be real: Oodles of crappy girlfriends are also hanging around in this big ol’ world of ours.