What season of friends do monica and chandler start dating

Can we get a collective “woohoo” for being able to stream the series whenever we need a mood boost? And in honor of the show that celebrates lasting relationships, we’ve rounded up 14 times theygot romance right. When Rachel leaves Barry because she's simply not in love with him.

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, the actors Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry are “hooking up” following the break-up of Cox’s engagement to Snow Patrol singer Johnny Mc Daid.

Disregarding the validity of any such “source”, social media users have lost all self-control over the rumours.

It’s okay to have a fight every now and then (in fact, it’s pretty weird if you don’t), it’s just a matter of how you handle it, learning from it, and reaching a compromise of some kind in the end.

And that’s how Chandler finally made a relationship last.10. Before he put a legit ring on it, Chandler proposed to Monica because he was afraid Richard was going to.

Monica is obviously a neat freak, but everyone has a few flaws and it’s always nice to know your partner will love you anyway. Let’s say it’s always best to put your ex’s siblings on the no-date list.9.

Plus, who doesn’t have an organized mess somewhere? When Monica welcomes Chandler to an adult relationship.

Just score a promotion and look super hot instead.7.

When Monica realizes it’s okay for Chandler to see what’s in her secret closet.

She was far from being perfect, but for me she is one of the best written character on the show.

She was one of the best chefs in town, and she knew when to choose career over her relationship without messing up either of them (had she left with Chandler when he went to work in Tulsa, she would have been deeply unhappy and would have resented him, putting a strain on their marriage. I’m not saying Chandler was a bad character or anything like that.

And maybe you can save the money for something more beneficial—like a sweet couples vacation.12. Their whole relationship was just too cute and funny, from when they first met and Mike played the faux piano to their hilariously sweet engagement (with the ring in the cake) to their post-wedding name changes. Phoebe is a good friend, and also, anytime a guy you’re seeing makes a move on your friend, it’s time to say goodbye. No matter how bad their fights or past break-ups became, they always put the baby first.