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Clustered and non-clustered indexes are represented using B trees.

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With Exchange 2007, it ships with the 64-bit edition.A database is both a physical and logical grouping of data.Indexes are defined to persist interesting orders of data, and allow both sequential access to records in index order, and direct access to records by index column values.Clustered indexes in ESE must also be primary, meaning that the index key must be unique.Columns are set and retrieved via Set Columns and Retrieve Columns operations, respectively.

The maximum size of a record is 8110 bytes for 8 kilobyte pages with the exception of long value columns.If a table is expected to be frequently updated, space may be reserved for future insertions by specifying an appropriate page density when creating a table or index.This allows split operations to be avoided or postponed. Records are inserted and updated via Update operations and can be deleted via Delete operations.An ESE database looks like a single file to Windows.Internally the database is a collection of 2, 4, 8, 16, or 32 KB pages (16 and 32 KB page options are only available in Windows 7 and Exchange 2010), These pages contain meta-data to describe the data contained within the database, data itself, indexes to persist interesting orders of the data, and other information.Transactions in ESE are highly concurrent making ESE suitable for server applications.